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What's Missing From Our Environmental Models? The NSF-Funded CHEESEHEAD Project Aims to Find Out

September 14 2018
Why is it so hard to forecast things such as crop yield, disease outbreaks, or water quality on the scales that matter most to humans? Is something missing from our environmental models?...
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Calibrating Soil Sensors? It's a Dirty Job, But We Had To Do It

July 20 2018
The amount of moisture in the soil is one of the critical variables that influence the overall makeup and diversity of the local ecosystem. To ensure data quality and consistency across 47 field sites, scientists had to carefully calibrate soil moisture sensors. Here's what they did—and why it matters to the NEON community.
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Eddy Covariance Data Products Now Available on NEON Data Portal

May 21 2018
Want to watch the planet breathe? You're in luck—a whole new set of data products that let you do just that is now available from the NEON project. These eddy-covariance (EC) or “flux” data products give scientists a powerful new tool to monitor how energy, water, carbon dioxide and other gases move between the earth’s surface and the atmosphere.
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Seeking scientists, engineers and data experts to advise on the NEON project

September 08 2017
Interested in ensuring that the National Ecological Observatory Network is a valuable resource for your research? Consider joining a Technical Working Group (TWG) and help shape NEON science and data.
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Monitoring ecological change with a growing network of phenocams

April 12 2016
Studying how plants, insects and animals respond to seasonal changes is central to increasing scientists’ understanding of how variations in climate impact life cycle patterns of plant, insect and animal communities. NEON gathers phenological data through various methods including...
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Gaining a Clearer Picture of Phenology and Snow Depth Dynamics with NEON Phenocam Data

March 31 2016
In a collaboration with the PhenoCam Network, NEON phenocam image data is now online. NEON collects several types of phenology image data including...
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The power of measuring vertical wind profiles using NEON towers

November 19 2015
Did you know that NEON uses sonic anemometers mounted at the top of NEON flux towers and at lower levels of the towers to measure wind speed? Measurements are collected in the same fashion across all NEON towers allowing for comparisons between sites, and preliminary wind speed data are currently available from many field sites.
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Three ways scientists can use NEON today

November 02 2015
Want to know how you can use NEON today? Here's a quick overview of what's available now and where you can find it.
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NEON releases first protocols

April 13 2015
The first release includes 11 terrestrial protocols as well as our terrestrial science designs. This release of protocols is the first in a series to be shared over the next several months.
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