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LENO tower from bottom looking toward top of forest canopy

A Fishy Situation: How Hurricanes Shrank Fish in Puerto Rico

How did the recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico impact the average body size of freshwater fish found in Puerto Rican rivers? Saniei and Crispo used data on fish body size from the two aquatic sites in the Atlantic Neotropical Domain (D04): CUPE and GUIL. They compared the data from before and after the hurricanes for four freshwater species.

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Fish Measurement at BLUE

A Test Bed for Digital Agriculture Technology

High-tech sensors and monitors are transforming agriculture, enabling farmers to optimize yields and improve efficiency. Arable, a provider of smart digital agriculture solutions, is using the NEON program infrastructure through a NEON Assignable Assets project to calibrate and validate their sensor technology in various climate zones and ecosystems across the U.S.

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When Permafrost Thaws—Over and Over Again

As the Arctic climate warms, many areas where soils were previously frozen year-round are now experiencing cycles of freezing and thawing. Researchers set out to discover how these cycles are changing the physical structure of Arctic soils—using soil cores from NEON's Toolik Field Station (TOOL). The study is published in Geoderma.

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Oksrukuyik Creek aquatic field site in Alaska

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NEON and Battelle are attending the 2022 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in Chicago, IL.

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