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Can This Tracer Molecule Help Us Understand the Carbon Cycle?

Dr. Laura Meredith is working at NEON sites in Alaska to validate the use of carbonyl sulfide as a tracer molecule to better estimate of the amount of carbon taken up by plants. Her study was made possible through the NEON Assignable Assets Program and an NSF award.

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Laura Meredith sets up transect of microsites at HEAL

Exploring Interrelationships Between Plant Biodiversity, Forest Structure, and Climate

A new study uses NEON lidar and field observations to explore how climate mediates biodiversity-structure relationships across the U.S. The findings could help improve biodiversity maps created with remote sensing data and better predict the impact of habitat degradation and climate change across disparate regions.

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What's That Beetle? Ask the Algorithm

Can machine learning be used for accurate species identification of beetles and other invertebrates? Researchers at the University of British Columbia sought to answer this question using NEON carabid beetle data. Machine learning could one day be used to classify unidentified species in the NEON pitfall bycatch and answer new questions about invertebrate diversity and abundance across North America.

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Martha Creek in the Fall

NEON at ESA 2021

NEON attended and was a Silver Sponsor at the 2021 Ecological Society of America meeting.

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NEON at AGU 2021

NEON and Battelle are attending the 2021 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in New Orleans, LA.

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