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Canopy at the terrestrial SOAP site

Get started with NEON data

New to NEON data? We provide a wide range of information and tutorials, including about how our free, open data can be accessed; how data files are formatted (tabular, vector, and raster); and how to work with the data in R, Python, or spreadsheets.

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LiDAR image from Harvard Forest 2012

Research Support

From letters of support to use of our infrastructure and equipment, we can help.

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Code Hub

We provide software code to help you work with NEON data as well as links to code contributed by the community.

Code hub
Soil Biogeo R code

Learning Hub

From self-paced tutorials to teaching modules you can use in your classroom, see what we and members of our community provide.

Learning Hub
NEON workshop

Outreach Materials

Handouts, flyers, and other materials that can be distributed.

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Find infographics, data visualizations, and logos here.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan

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