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Girl Scout Project Sparks an Interest in Ecology and NEON

September 18 2018
It's never too early to get kids interested in ecology—and Girl Scouts may provide the perfect opportunity. A troop of 6th graders is tackling important issues in habitat preservation and ecosystem change through a Girl Scout Journey focused on animals, ecology and NEON.
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Laura Leyba-Newton on succeeding in a male-dominated STEM field

March 09 2018
Laura Leyba-Newton has a big job overseeing the Engineering team, Cal/Val team and Audit Lab for the NEON project. Learn how she found her STEM path in our third interview of the NEON #WomeninSTEM series.
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Wendy Gram on why she's passionate about sharing science

July 10 2015
In this #WomeninSTEM interview, read about Wendy, Director of Education, and her hope that NEON data will be a resource for scientists of all ages as they investigate how our earth works.
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Staff scientist Sarah Elmendorf on what it was like growing up interested in STEM

May 08 2015
The second interview of NEON's #WomeninSTEM series is with staff scientist, Sarah Elmendorf. Read about Sarah's experience growing up and being drawn to STEM disciplines.
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Field Operations Manager Tracey Baldwin on the possibilities of being a woman in STEM

April 24 2015
The first interview of NEON's #WomeninSTEM series is with field operations manager Tracey Baldwin. Learn how and why Tracey embarked on a STEM career path.
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An engineer and a scientist walks into a lab ...

April 17 2013
By Janae Csavina My job as the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Scientist in the Calibration, Validation and Audit Laboratory (CVAL) at the NEON project started in August 2012. I was straight out of...
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