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Announcing our 2017 summer research interns

April 19 2017
It’s hard to believe that we are entering our fifth year of the NEON undergraduate internship program. This unique, cross-disciplinary program exposes undergraduate students to the challenges and...
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Another summer of interns has come and gone

September 27 2016
Earlier this summer, we bid farewell to six dynamic and brilliant undergraduate interns who worked at NEON for eleven weeks on a variety of cross-disciplinary projects that ranged from data...
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4th NEON undergraduate internship program starts off strong

June 16 2016
Six enthusiastic undergraduate interns arrived at NEON headquarters in May to participate in NEON’s fourth annual undergraduate internship program . Learn more about who they are and what they are working on.
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2015 NEON Intern Wins Second Place in AGU’s Virtual Poster Showcase

December 07 2015
Hitomi Okada, who interned with NEON this past summer, recently came in second place in the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Virtual Poster Showcase . Read on to see how an undergraduate internship with NEON helped Hitomi prepare for this competition.
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Calling all Undergraduates Enrolled in STEM Programs

November 17 2015
Are you looking for real-world experience in your chosen STEM-related field this coming summer? Then consider a paid internship with the National Ecological Observatory Network(NEON)!
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Attending SACNAS: An Inspiring Experience

November 21 2014
By Liz Goehring According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, inspiration is “ something that makes one want to do something, or that gives one an idea about what to do or create.” For me, inspiration...
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Interns Summer in Review, Part 5: Learning (and teaching) the art of scientific investigations

November 04 2014
It has been over two years since I was last in the woods of New Hampshire collecting invasive plant data for my undergraduate research. From then to now, I have thought little about data sets or statistical variability.
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Interns Summer in Review, Part 4: So, what do YOU do?

October 17 2014
After spending time together in NEON’s summer internship program, Ariel Kaluzhny (a computer science student) and Maddy Ball (an environmental science major) learned a lot about their NEON projects, explored a good bit of Colorado and became great friends.
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Interns Summer in Review, Part 3: What's an Imaging Science student doing at NEON?

September 29 2014
NEON is quite the unexpected place for an Imaging Science student to do an internship. NEON is all about Ecology, so where am I supposed to fit in here?
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