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Laura Leyba-Newton on succeeding in a male-dominated STEM field

March 09 2018
Laura Leyba-Newton has a big job overseeing the Engineering team, Cal/Val team and Audit Lab for the NEON project. Learn how she found her STEM path in our third interview of the NEON #WomeninSTEM series.
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Learning to train the next generation of data scientists

April 21 2016
In late January 2016, Megan Jones , a NEON staff scientist and science educator participated in a Software Carpentry & Data Carpentry Instructor Training Workshop...
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Meet Katherine McCarter, NEON Board Member and ESA Executive Director

December 02 2015
Learn about Katherine McCarter and her perspective on the importance of NEON for the field of ecology. Katherine is the Executive Director of the Ecological Society of America (ESA); she has served in this leadership role since 1997. Over the last decade, Katherine has remained committed to supporting NEON: she joined the Board of Directors in January, 2011 and even served on the Consortium Design Committee during NEON’s inception.
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Andy Fox on teaching next generation data users

July 17 2015
While many NEON scientists are out of the office during the summer doing field work and installing sensors at NEON field sites, some are teaching next-generation data users. This summer, Andy Fox -...
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Wendy Gram on why she's passionate about sharing science

July 10 2015
In this #WomeninSTEM interview, read about Wendy, Director of Education, and her hope that NEON data will be a resource for scientists of all ages as they investigate how our earth works.
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Staff scientist Sarah Elmendorf on what it was like growing up interested in STEM

May 08 2015
The second interview of NEON's #WomeninSTEM series is with staff scientist, Sarah Elmendorf. Read about Sarah's experience growing up and being drawn to STEM disciplines.
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Field Operations Manager Tracey Baldwin on the possibilities of being a woman in STEM

April 24 2015
The first interview of NEON's #WomeninSTEM series is with field operations manager Tracey Baldwin. Learn how and why Tracey embarked on a STEM career path.
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Interns Summer in Review, Part 5: Learning (and teaching) the art of scientific investigations

November 04 2014
It has been over two years since I was last in the woods of New Hampshire collecting invasive plant data for my undergraduate research. From then to now, I have thought little about data sets or statistical variability.
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An engineer and a scientist walks into a lab ...

April 17 2013
By Janae Csavina My job as the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Scientist in the Calibration, Validation and Audit Laboratory (CVAL) at the NEON project started in August 2012. I was straight out of...
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