2013 Interns

2013 marked the first NEON undergraduate summer internship. Four interns were selected and participated in an immersive summer internship at NEON's headquarters. Learn more about our 2013 interns below. Be sure to click on the links to see more about their projects and their experiences at NEON.

William Ennis | Engineering

University of Alabama, 2014

Project: Design and prototype of STREON aquatic organism exclosure

Learn more about Will

Nicole Dear | Terrestrial Ecology

University of Michigan, 2014

Project: Successional changes in soil microbial communities in a Northeastern US hardwood forest

Learn more about Nicole

Abigail Oakes | Communications

New College of Florida, 2015

Project: Inclusive Environments: Developing outreach for Latino communities

Learn more about Abby

Adrienne Rodriguez | Aquatics

North Carolina State University, 2014

Project: Revealing lake ecosystem function from bathymetric, hydrologic and land use modeling in ArcGIS

Learn more about Adrienne

More alumni and projects:

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