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Wendy Gram on why she's passionate about sharing science

July 10 2015
In this #WomeninSTEM interview, read about Wendy, Director of Education, and her hope that NEON data will be a resource for scientists of all ages as they investigate how our earth works.
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Creating a digital menagerie

June 29 2012
NEON technicians will collect and identify countless insect specimens over the lifetime of the observatory. To put it into perspective, during a short prototype collection at one site over three...
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Life in the Pits

June 10 2013
by Derek Smith and Josh Roberti Two Associate Scientists at NEON reflect upon finding themselves in a seven foot deep hole. Josh: As a meteorology student, I never thought too much about soil; my...
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Learning to train the next generation of data scientists

April 21 2016
In late January 2016, Megan Jones , a NEON staff scientist and science educator participated in a Software Carpentry & Data Carpentry Instructor Training Workshop...
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Fluxcourse Students visit NEON Headquarters

July 20 2016
One of our summer highlights is the opportunity to host an array of graduate students, postdocs and early career scientists participating in the Fluxcourse for a day at NEON headquarters.
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Interns Summer in Review, Part 3: What's an Imaging Science student doing at NEON?

September 29 2014
NEON is quite the unexpected place for an Imaging Science student to do an internship. NEON is all about Ecology, so where am I supposed to fit in here?
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Inaugural Data Institute: reproducible remote sensing science using NEON data

September 15 2016
In mid-June, 23 early career scientists from far and wide descended upon NEON headquarters for a week-long Data Institute. The inaugural Institute featured NEON remote sensing data and focused on...
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2015 NEON Intern Wins Second Place in AGU’s Virtual Poster Showcase

December 07 2015
Hitomi Okada, who interned with NEON this past summer, recently came in second place in the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Virtual Poster Showcase . Read on to see how an undergraduate internship with NEON helped Hitomi prepare for this competition.
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Calling all Undergraduates Enrolled in STEM Programs

November 17 2015
Are you looking for real-world experience in your chosen STEM-related field this coming summer? Then consider a paid internship with the National Ecological Observatory Network(NEON)!
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