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Summer Internship Program Kicks Off

June 18 2014
NEON is pleased to welcome its second cohort of summer interns! This year, seven interns join NEON mentor teams to analyze preliminary AOP, aquatic, and terrestrial data, code algorithms to automate image and data processing, and explore citizen science data for early trends. It promises to be an exciting summer.
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Celebrating PODS packed full of sensor equipment

June 30 2014
NEON staff celebrate a major accomplishment as four PODs full of sensor equipment ship off to Blandy (D2), Disney (D3), Jones (D3) and Jornada (D14) this week, which marks the beginning of phase three sensor installation for those sites.
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NEON presents its first higher education video

July 18 2014
NEON is excited to present its first video in a series of multimedia resources. The Story of LiDAR Data provides a general overview of LiDAR data and highlights how LiDAR data is used to measure structural characteristics of trees.
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Interns Summer in Review, Part 1: From the University to the Field

September 08 2014
During the 2013 spring semester, I registered for the Surveying for Engineers class at my college. The class was not required for my Environmental Science major, which caused my advisor to question why I would want to take it.
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Interns Summer in Review, Part 2: Sharing Across Cultures

September 24 2014
I come from Bogotá, Colombia where I study Environmental Engineering and Industrial Engineering at the Universidad de los Andes. You might ask, “What’s a student from Colombia doing here?”
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Interns Summer in Review, Part 3: What's an Imaging Science student doing at NEON?

September 29 2014
NEON is quite the unexpected place for an Imaging Science student to do an internship. NEON is all about Ecology, so where am I supposed to fit in here?
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Interns Summer in Review, Part 4: So, what do YOU do?

October 17 2014
After spending time together in NEON’s summer internship program, Ariel Kaluzhny (a computer science student) and Maddy Ball (an environmental science major) learned a lot about their NEON projects, explored a good bit of Colorado and became great friends.
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Boots on the ground for NEON Member Institution Representatives

October 23 2014
NEON Member Institution representatives learned about NEON data collection first-hand this week during a visit the Central Plains Experimental Range (CPER), the Domain 10 core site. This site tour was part of the 2014 NEON Membership Meeting, held October 21-22 in Boulder, CO at NEON Headquarters.
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NEON releases a higher education video on photosynthesis

October 28 2014
Did you ever wonder how scientists measure photosynthesis? Check out the latest NEON educational video.
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