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Interns Summer in Review, Part 5: Learning (and teaching) the art of scientific investigations

November 04 2014
It has been over two years since I was last in the woods of New Hampshire collecting invasive plant data for my undergraduate research. From then to now, I have thought little about data sets or statistical variability.
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Attending SACNAS: An Inspiring Experience

November 21 2014
By Liz Goehring According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, inspiration is “ something that makes one want to do something, or that gives one an idea about what to do or create.” For me, inspiration...
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Small mammal data are now available

December 10 2014
NEON is pleased to announce that our first small mammal data have been published on our data portal ! This information was collected during the 2013-14 seasons and includes information collected from five sites located in Florida, Georgia, and Colorado.
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How a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) System works – the newest NEON video

December 10 2014
You might have a general sense of what LiDAR data are . But did you ever wonder how LiDAR systems work and what they measuring? Our latest video breaks down how a LiDAR system works.
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Researchers introduce macrosystems approach to study stream ecology

January 21 2015
By Jennifer Tidball (Kansas State University) Kansas State University scientists and collaborators have developed a new method for studying a variety of streams — including tropical, prairie or...
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NEON's Director of Citizen Science participates in White House roundtable on climate education

February 11 2015
Sandra Henderson, Director of Citizen Science at NEON, was invited to attend a White House Champions of Change Event on Monday, February 9, 2015. While there she participated in a roundtable...
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NEON purchases soil coring machine for more efficient soil sensor installation

February 17 2015
In an effort to provide standardized and more efficient ways to install soil sensors, NEON recently purchased the first of several soil coring machines to install soil sensors up to three meters deep at all 60 terrestrial sites around the US.
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Full waveform LiDAR sample data now available

February 23 2015
We are excited to announce a new release of NEON Airborne Observation Platform (AOP) sample data, which is now available on the Airborne Data page .
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National Science Foundation Director, Dr. France Córdova visits NEON

February 26 2015
Dr. France A. Córdova visited NEON headquarters last Thursday for the first time since assuming her position as Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) in March 2014.
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