Alaska Data for Undergraduate Education

A network of educators, researchers, and data managers working to improve educational outcomes by providing STEM undergraduates and instructors with access to environmental data about the changing North, to build ecological knowledge, quantitative literacy, and engagement through inquiry.

Advances in Observing and Scaling Land-Atmosphere Interactions at AGU

This workshop accompanies the AGU Journals Special Collection “Advances in scaling and modeling of land-atmosphere interactions.” 

This workshop aims to enable attendees to access and jointly work with both extensive network data and intensive experiment data to unveil critical and previously inaccessible aspects of surface atmosphere interactions. This workshop will publicly release the community-developed eddy4R.turb package and solicit community feedback on NEON and CHEESEHEAD19 data product and algorithm development related to surface-atmosphere interactions.

Access and Explore NEON Aquatic Instrument Data Workshop at AGU

Do you want to learn how to access NEON instrument data programmatically, and/or wish to better understand NEON’s quality flagging processes?

If so, NEON invites you to register for the Aquatic Instrument Data Workshop at the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting!

Sunday December 12; 8:00-11:00 am CST

Power of Data: An ESA SEEDS workshop

Graduate students and early career scientists (within 8 years of PhD) from diverse underrepresented groups are invited to join a multidisciplinary network hosted by the Ecological Society of America (ESA) SEEDS (Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability) program. Participants will engage in research skills workshops, diversity networks, and focused conversations on the Power of the Data Revolution.

9th Annual Rising Voices Workshop

Workshop held by the Rising Voices Center for Indigenous and Earth Sciences. The theme this year is 'Centering justice in the convergence of sciences, communities, and actions.

DSOS & AEMON-J Big [Ecological] Data Workshop

NEON scientists will be hosting a workshop on Big [Ecological] Data for the DSOS & AEMON-J virtual workshop and summit: Incorporating Data Science and Open Science in Aquatic Research.

Workshop: Wildfire and the Biosphere Innovation Lab

NEON staff are participating in a virtual workshop hosted by Knowinnovation and supported by the National Science Foundation to generate creative strategies and new research collaborations aimed at improving understanding of different types of fires across temporal and spatial scales, predicting feedbacks between wildfire and living systems, and improving the representation of biological processes in models.


NEON will be participating in an NSF-sponsored virtual workshop: "

Complex Landscapes at Scale: Integrating our Understanding of Managed and Unmanaged Lands at Regional to Continental Scales."

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