Explore NEON Workshop - HBCU Cohort

Paulinus Chigbu, PhD and Robert Shepard, PhD, will be hosting a three-day workshop with the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) with a specific focus on identifying opportunities for collaboration, and increasing awareness of and engagement with NEON, among faculty, researchers, and students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Access and Work with NEON Data Workshop | AGU 2020

The participants of the workshop will learn about the available datasets and tools to study ecological processes using NEON data. By the end of the workshop, participants will understand how they can use the suite of NEON data products to address their research questions.

Work With Lidar-derived Rasters in R

This workshop will provide hands on experience with working lidar data in raster format in R. It will cover the basics of what lidar data are and commonly derived data products.

NEON Brownbag: Intro to HDF5 at NEON

This NEON internal brownbag introduces the concept of Hierarchical Data Formats in the context of developing the NEON HDF5 operational file format. Look here to discover resources on HDF5, code snippets in R, Python and Matlab to use H5 files and some example H5 files for Remote Sensing Hyperspectral data and time series temperature data.

Going On The Grid – An Intro to Gridding & Spatial Interpolation | ESA 2015

This lunchtime brown-bag workshop will explore how different gridding methods and associated settings can impact rasters derived from sample points. We will use a LiDAR point cloud, which represents canopy height values, to create several raster grids using different point-to-pixel conversion methods. We will then quantify and assess differences in height values derived using these different methods.

Using the NEON API Workshop

Come to this workshop to learn to navigate the NEON API. NEON scientists will demonstrate how to use the API, focusing on access via the R package httr, but also covering the general API structure.

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