Materials related to workshops, courses and data institutes hosted by the NEON project are posted to this section of the website as they become available. We also host workshop materials for NEON-related courses and workshops presented by collaborating institutions. While these materials are designed to be used by participants during a workshop, many of the materials are structured as self-guided, do-it-yourself tutorials for people to review and work with if they are unable to attend an event.

If you are interested in collaborating on a workshop or would like us to host your NEON-related workshop materials, please contact us


NEON Brownbag: Intro to HDF5 at NEON

June 04, 2015
This NEON Brownbag increases participants understanding of Hierarchical Data Formats in the context of developing the NEON HDF5 operational file format. Look here to discover resources on HDF5, code snippets in R, Python and Matlab to use H5 files and some example H5 files for Remote Sensing...

NEON Brownbag: Intro to Working with HDF5

May 28, 2015
This NEON Brownbag introduces the concept of Hierarchical Data Formats. Learn what an HDF5 file is. Explore HDF5 files in the free HDFViewer. Create and open HDF5 files in R.

Work With Lidar-derived Rasters in R

May 14, 2015
This workshop will present how to work with lidar data derived rasters in R. Learn how to import rasters into R. Learn associated key metadata attributed needed to work with raster formats. Analyzing the data performing basic raster math to create a canopy height model. Export raster results as a...

A Hands-on Primer for Working with Big Data in R: Introduction to Common Formats & Efficient Data Visualization | ESA 2014

August 10, 2014
Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting
This workshop will offer ecologists an overview of the variety of data formats and types that are often encountered when working with big ecological data and an introduction to available tools in R for working with these formats.


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