Using Observation Networks to Advance Earth System Understanding: State of the Art, Data-Model Integration, and Frontiers

When: February 13, 2018 - February 15, 2018
Location: Boulder, CO

Participants have already been selected for this workshop.

Through a community process, this workshop will

  1. identify the current state-of-the-science to model physical, chemical and ecological processes at and below the Earth’s surface, its strengths, limitations and frontiers;
  2. advance data integration into future model frameworks across networks and sites, thinking specifically about continental scales; and
  3. further build integrative user communities.

Target Audience

User groups with experience or interest in using data from CZO, LTER, NEON, and ISMC for improved modeling of ecological and critical zone processes. 

Specific Goals

  1. Use experience and insights from established networks (LTER, CZO, and NEON) to develop long-term conceptual and numerical models.
  2. Raise process understanding and improve ability to make predictions of system trajectories by exploring opportunities and challenges for linking data and models within and across networks.
  3. Discuss establishment of a platform to help facilitate cross-network data-model linkage (see, for example, the ISMC website)

Desired Outcomes

  • Build new bridges between networks and user communities
  • Publish paper(s) on frontiers and challenges in this area
  • Prepare proposal(s) for follow-up grants and/or workshops
  • Identify high-priority tools and functions for data-model platform(s)

Meeting Overview

Day 1 - Keynotes and lightning talks; focus on identifying key issues and scientific direction.

Day 2 - Breakouts to synthesize paths for key topics and frontier activities.

Day 3, morning - Bring together all breakouts and develop an action plan, which will likely include white papers, journal articles, and other engagement activities.

Day 3, afternoon - Reserved for attendees that wish to continue to work together.

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