NSF Joint NCAR/NEON Workshop: Predicting life in the Earth system – linking the geosciences and ecology

When: April 09, 2019 - April 12, 2019
Location: Boulder, CO

The NSF sponsored joint NCAR/NEON workshop, Predicting life in the Earth system – linking the geosciences and ecology, is an opportunity to bring together members of the atmospheric science and ecological communities to advance the capability of Earth system prediction to include terrestrial ecosystems and biological resources. The workshop’s overarching theme will focus on convergent research between the geosciences and ecology for ecological forecasting and prediction at subseasonal to seasonal, seasonal to decadal, and centennial timescales, including use of observations, required data services infrastructure, and models.

Specific goals are to:

  • bring together atmospheric scientists and ecologists to leverage the expertise, facilitate further engagement, and promote synergies among those research communities to observe, monitor, and model ecosystems and atmosphere-ecosystem interactions in a changing planet;
  • highlight progress and accomplishments in ecological forecasting and prediction and to identify observational, infrastructure (both data services and community models), and computational challenges that limit current capabilities; and
  • identify new initiatives, collaborations, and science questions.

For more information, visit the workshop materials webpage

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