What’s Happening at NEON? NEON News Will Keep You in the Know

December 07, 2017

Need more NEON news? Now you can keep up with all of the latest happenings at NEON, including activities at the field sites, infrastructure updates and insights from NEON staff.

The first edition of NEON News, published December 7, 2017, is now available. Subscribe via the link in the footer of this page to get NEON News delivered right to your inbox each quarter.

Each edition of NEON News will include:

  • Data and Infrastructure News: The latest news on data product availability, infrastructure deployment and how the research community is using NEON’s data and infrastructure.
  • Domain News: Bulletins from the individual domains and field sites, including noteworthy research projects and collaboration opportunities.
  • Construction Updates: Updates on the transition of NEON field sites from Construction Phase to Initial Operations.
  • Featured Experts: Introductions to the data scientists, ecologists, engineers, project managers and others who are bringing NEON to life. 
  • Upcoming Events: Conferences, seminars, workshops and other events that NEON is hosting or participating in.

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