NSF Releases Video on NEON/CSU Wildfire Study

June 10, 2013

One year after the devastating High Park Fire, the National Science Foundation has released a video documenting the first round of airborne and ground-based data collection for the High Park Fire project. The project, funded by National Science Foundation RAPID grants, is a collaboration between Colorado State University (CSU) Researchers and NEON on a large-scale study of one of the largest and most destructive wildfires in Colorado history. A CSU field campaign integrated with remotely sensed data from NEON's Airborne Observation Platform will provide critical data on how the High Park Fire burned and its impact on vegetation, water quality and other natural resources. NEON's Airborne Observation Platform first flew over the burn site in August 2012 to collect airborne remote sensing data on remaining vegetation, ash, soil properties and other ground cover details at the site. NEON has received a second RAPID grant to conduct a repeat flyover of the site in late July 2013 to help document ongoing impacts and recovery.

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