Announcing our 2017 summer research interns

April 19, 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are entering our fifth year of the NEON undergraduate internship program. This unique, cross-disciplinary program exposes undergraduate students to the challenges and opportunities of working on a complex project like NEON. We are excited to be welcoming six undergraduates this summer for the 11-week hands-on program. They will get to work with staff mentors on a wide variety of NEON-related research projects ranging from assisting in the finalization of NEON construction to using the public data provided by the NEON project. Get to know this year’s cohort!

Emily Wallis – Emily comes to NEON during her final year as an environmental studies major at East Stroudsburg University. She will be working with the Domain 10/13 field staff to create photographic identification materials for the great diversity of Coleoptera (ground beetles) that are found in these field sites.

Charlotte Roiger – Charlotte, a Mathematics major with a statistics minor, comes to NEON after her Junior year at St. Olaf College. Charlotte’s statistics and analytics background will enable her to work with NEON data to better understand patterns in mosquito communities across the US.

Amanda Roberts – Amanda comes to NEON after her sophomore year at Virginia Tech where she studies Environmental Informatics with a minor in Watershed Management, Forestry, GIS, & Sustainable Natural Environments. Amanda will work closely with the Airborne Observation Platform team to better understand uncertainty in remote sensing measurements.

Spencer Phillips – A fisheries & aquatic biology major, Spencer comes to NEON after his sophomore year at Murray State University. Spencer will work with aquatic scientists to build habitat maps of lakes and rivers at NEON field sites.

Jasmine Warren – Jasmine comes to NEON from St. Leo University in Florida after her junior year where she studies Biology and Health Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. Jasmine with work on comparisons between ground-based and remotely sensed foliar chemistry measurements.

Wendy Barrios – An ecological engineering major, Wendy comes to NEON from Oregon State University where she is finishing up her junior year. Wendy will be working with our Science Support team to survey final instrument installations at and create maps of NEON field sites.

Find out more about the NEON Undergraduate Research Internship Program and projects completed by our alumni.

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