More terrestrial and aquatic observational protocols now available

April 27, 2015

NEON released a second suite of protocols and science designs, which are now available in the NEON Data Portal Document Library. This release includes nine new terrestrial and aquatic operations protocols.

These protocols include:

  • Manual data transcription
  • Reaeration measuring diffusion of O2 across the water-air interface
  • Stable isotope sampling in surface and ground waters
  • Surface water chemistry sampling in wadeable streams
  • Surface water dissolve gas sampling
  • Measurement of leaf area index
  • Canopy foliage chemistry and leaf mass per area measurements
  • Tick and tick-borne pathogen sampling
  • Breeding landbird abundance and diversity

Today’s release follows an initial publication of 11 terrestrial operations protocols and science designs, which happen earlier this month. Standardized protocols are integral to the success of NEON because they lead to reproducible workflows and reduce measurement uncertainty; in addition, they provide researchers with valuable guidance on replicating NEON methods in the field and contribute to open science.  You can learn more about how NEON developed its standardized and quality-controlled data collection methods and processing systems here.

The Observatory will post more terrestrial and aquatic protocols and science designs next month, so please continue to check NEON’s website and data portal. If you have questions about the science designs and protocols, please contact us at

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