NEON releases first protocols

April 13, 2015

The NEON Observatory is excited to announce the first of several protocol releases that will take place over the next several months. The first release includes 11 terrestrial protocols as well as our terrestrial science designs, which you will find on NEON’s Data Portal Document Library

This first round of protocols include:

  • Plot establishment
  • TruPulse Rangefinder use and calibration
  • Measurement of vegetation structure
  • Measurement of herbaceous biomass
  • Plant phenology
  • Plant diversity sampling
  • Coarse downed wood
  • Ground beetle and mosquito specimen processing
  • Soil biogeochemical and microbial sampling
  • Ground beetle sampling
  • Small mammal sampling

Every published protocol was tested in the field for one year and revised based on feedback from NEON field staff. We will continue to post terrestrial and aquatic protocols over the next several months as they are tested and approved, so please continue to check back to NEON’s website and data portal to explore them all. Learn more about NEON's protocols and science designs here.

If you have questions about the science designs and protocols, please contact NEON.

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