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There are many ways to be a part of NEON's diverse community. We host and participate in many events, many of which are free and open to the community. These include field site tours and webinars, hour- to week-long workshops, and presentations at national and international conferences. We form partnerships with research and educational networks, as well as with laboratories and data repositories. Our work is also assisted by over 20 volunteer-based technical working groups that review our data and practices and help us stay current with current needs and practices in ecological research. There are many ways to participate, and we welcome you!

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Science Seminars and Data Skills Webinars

NEON hosts a monthly public seminar series and data skills webinars.

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NEON values our user community and strives to provide the services and resources that meet the community's diverse and evolving needs. This requires continuously listening to our users on ways we can improve, while also identifying opportunities to meet the needs of a broader community in order to grow our user base. Learn about our plans to optimize NEON; engage a robust, active, and inclusive NEON user community; and advance science.

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