Sensing the Earth: a Tribal Climate Science Partnership Summit

AIHEC, the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Working Group, NEON, UCAR, and the University of Colorado’s Earth Lab are holding a summit on June 15-17 in Boulder CO.

This meeting will bring together members of the national climate change research community and TCUs for two and a half days of sharing, planning and brainstorming around the goal of aligning the education and research resources of climate science partners around Tribal climate resilience.

(This is a closed event)

NASA ABoVE Science Team Meeting

NEON staff will participate in the 7th Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) Science Team Meeting (ASTM7) being held virtually May 11th & 13th, 2021. The sessions will focus on plans for the field season and airborne remote sensing, presentations from partner organizations, updates from the Working Group leads, and reports from the ongoing Synthesis Activities.

NEON Data Skills & Teaching Resources - EREN FMN

Ecology is a field known for close, personal collaborations and camaraderie in the lab and in the field. But with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting laboratories, colleges, and universities around the world, ecologists have been challenged to reimagine what it means to teach and do ecology as a community.

Harnessing Natural History Collections Data for Addressing National Challenges

The goal of the workshop is to synthesize a set of goals and objectives for the next phase of the national effort to deploy the data held in our natural history collections for research and education, and to suggest strategies for meeting these goals and achieving these objectives including technological advances, new community standards and potential partnerships. 

AmeriFlux Annual PI Meeting

NEON will be at the AmeriFlux Annual PI Meeting to discuss synergies and opportunities for collaboration between Ameriflux and NEON.

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