Basic R Skills

Table of Contents

This series is provides tutorials and references on key skills needed to complete more complex tasks in R. It is not intended as a complete introduction to learning R. There are many wonderful online tutorials and R packages, including Swirl, for learning R.

R Skill Level: Beginner - you're learning, or refreshing on, the basics!

Series Goals/Objectives

After completing the series, you will be able to:

  • Getting Started with the R Programming Language

    • Use basic R syntax
    • Explain the concepts of objects and assignment
    • Explain the concepts of vector and data types
    • Describe why you would or would not use factors
    • Use basic few functions
  • Installing & Updating Packages in R

    • Describe the basics of an R package
    • Install a package in R
    • Call (use) an installed R package
    • Update a package in R
    • View the packages installed on your computer
  • Build & Work With Functions in R

    • Explain why we should divide programs into small, single-purpose functions
    • Use a function that takes parameters (input values)
    • Return a value from a function
    • Set default values for function parameters
    • Write, or define, a function

Things You’ll Need To Complete This Series

Setup RStudio

To complete the tutorial series you will need an updated version of R and, preferably, RStudio installed on your computer.

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