Sam Simkin

Research Scientist, Ecosystem Ecology

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1685 38th Street
Suite 100
United States

About Sam

Sam is a member of the Terrestrial Observation System (TOS) team. His variety of roles include improving data availability and quality of all terrestrial data products, performing statistical analyses to optimize the sampling design of ecosystem productivity data products, serving on the Breeding Landbird Technical Working Group, and maintaining the protocol for the coarse downed wood data product.

Prior to NEON, Sam did a post-doc at the University of Colorado researching continental scale patterns of plant diversity as influenced by atmospheric deposition of nitrogen and sulfur, and doctoral research at Cornell University investigating interactions of plant diversity and wetland sulfur and phosphorus biogeochemistry. Prior to his Ph.D., Sam did research at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies addressing landscape patterns of atmospheric deposition, and master's research at the University of Georgia's Institute of Ecology on the influence of fire and soil disturbance by small mammals on plant community composition. His undergraduate degree in Biology is from Earlham College.

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National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)