Guy Litt

Research Scientist, Hydrology/Aquatic Instrumentation

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1685 38th Street
Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80301
United States

About Guy

At NEON, Guy applies his hydrologic expertise towards developing automated statistical tools to assess data quality and interpret data from streaming hydrologic, atmospheric, and water quality sensors. Guy often collaborates with NEON’s Cyber Infrastructure team in developing and troubleshooting code for aquatic sensor algorithms. Guy also enjoys developing data-based modeling approaches for rapid anomaly detection in streaming sensor data. Guy may be contacted for further questions about the water quality sonde and hydrologic instrumentation, data quality strategies, aquatic instrument algorithms, and buoy systems in freshwater lakes and rivers.

Guy holds a Ph.D. from University of Wyoming in Civil Engineering, with a specialty in water resources engineering. His research has emphasized understanding the relationship between land use change and hydrological processes in the humid tropics. His field and model studies have spanned plot to catchment scales, employing geochemical, hydrometric, and geophysical tools to understand the complexities of how different land management practices affect infiltration, runoff generation, discharge, and groundwater storage dynamics.

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National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)