Sixth Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheds

When: July 23, 2018 - July 26, 2018
Location: Shepherdstown, WV

Healthy working watersheds and coastal systems provide a wide array of useful economic goods and services. Managing these systems across the nation is challenging, particularly from the perspective of maintaining aquatic condition and integrity. Great strides have been made since the 1970s, but stressors such as invasive species, nutrient and pollutant loading, landscape disturbance (e.g., growth and development, fires, floods), and hydrologic alterations continue to degrade human and environmental health. The Sixth Interagency Conference on Research in the Watersheds (ICRW) will explore research and adaptive management that aims to meet these challenges now and into the future. This ICRW will highlight the challenges of sustaining working watersheds and their components that are involved in economic production such as agriculture, urban development, forestry, mining/energy extraction, and outdoor recreational activities, while balancing issues that arise from these complex ecosystems and landscapes.

Plenary speakers include Dr. Nandita Basu (Univ. of Waterloo), Dr. Emily Bernhardt (Duke University), Dr. Beth Boyer (Penn State University), Dr. Ryan Emanuel (NC State) and Dr. Terri Hogue (Colorado School of Mines). 

​NEON-related events

Kaelin Crawley, Battelle scientist for the NEON project, will be presenting on The National Ecological Observatory Network Aquatic Sampling: Dissolved Gas Concentrations, Stratification Conditions in Lakes, and Reaeration Rates in Streams

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