Request for Information - NEON Bioarchive

When: June 23, 2017
Location: United States

The NEON Project is reaching out to the archival community to gauge interest in supporting the long-term archival needs for the project. 

Responses are due by COB, Friday, June 23, 2017.

NEON Bioarchive: Concept for Operations Document

Please download and review this document if you are considering responding to our Request for Information for the NEON Bioarchive. Respondents may choose to propose a single, centralized facility or a consortium.


In your response, please provide a narrative description of the proposed design and operation of the NEON Bioarchive not to exceed 10 typewritten pages, addressing the following requirements:

  • A brief description of the respondent’s history in archival/museum services; referencing any relevant certifications or recognitions
  • If a consortium is proposed, a summary description of the lead organization, other organizations within the collaboration, and their proposed roles and responsibilities
  • A description of the proposed physical design of the archival facilities, inclusive of space requirements, storage infrastructure, major equipment, etc.
  • A summary of operations related to receipt, handling, curation, loaning of samples, destructive use and reserve samples
  • A description of the proposed cataloging/sample tracking systems with discussion of how outside parties search and access the cataloged material
  • A short Bio of the proposed PI as well as other key personnel
  • Estimated costs to set up and operate the NEON Bioarchive, inclusive of physical space and other infrastructure, equipment, major supplies and materials, and labor resources.

Respondents may provide web links to related and supplemental information and documentation as appropriate.  Additional information and exhibits may be included in appendices – Responses should account for all NEON samples listed in Appendix A of the attached ConOps document, including pre-2017 and 2017 sample estimates, future annual increments from NEON field collection and secondary products from sample analyses, and annual depletion due to destructive sampling (some assumptions may need to be made). 

The time horizon includes initial operations (2017-2018) and full operations during the observatory’s 30-year life.  It is expected that the Bioarchive can evolve in phases as the project needs change over time.  The Project is seeking a best effort to anticipate and plan for these changing needs.

Please submit questions and submissions to Mary Kaiser.

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