NSF/NEON Lidar Data Workshop Application Deadline

When: June 24, 2016
Location: United States

Topographic, Geomorphic, And Vegetation Analysis With Lidar is a NSF/NEON workshop taught by OpenTopography and NEON lidar experts will consist of lectures and labs on topographic, geomorphic, and vegetation analysis with lidar point clouds and derived products. The course will utilize NEON data and attendees will have the opportunity to bring their own datasets for analysis.

Workshop dates: September 28-30, 2016

Location: Boise State University, Boise, Idaho

Presented by: OpenTopography, Boise State University Boise Center Aerospace Lab (BCAL) and NEON

Instructors: Arrowsmith, Arizona State University, OpenTopography; Chris Crosby, UNAVCO, OpenTopography;Nancy Glenn, Boise State University

Audience: Researchers and students interested in using NEON data, including data from the airborne operation platform (AOP) to derive Lidar products for NEON science. No background in lidar required.

Additional Information: This workshop is part of a series of NSF/NEON supported training on the use of datasets from the NEON Airborne Observing Platform to enable new discoveries in the biophysical research community. Applications are also being accepted for a related short course focused on NEON hyperspectral data.

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation

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