NEON Bioarchive Working Group Meeting

When: May 10, 2017 - May 11, 2017
Location: Smithsonian Castle, Washington, DC

This working meeting will be used to resolve key issues and questions critical to formulating the institutional framework and operation and maintenance of the NEON Bioarchive. The overarching goal of the NEON Bioarchive is to make reference material and replicate samples available to the science and education communities for future research and retrospective studies, particularly as it supports the broader NEON mission to enable understanding of ecology at the continental scale. The intent of this meeting to consider the multitude of factors that bear upon the structure and function of the bioarchive and to recommend the ways and means to achieve its state goal efficiently and effectively.

Anticipated Outcomes: We hope to achieve a consensus on a variety of topics/questions identified before and/or during the meeting. We intend to use this to inform the next steps in finalizing the design of the NEON Bioarchive.

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