Host an Explore NEON Workshop: Application Due

When: March 10, 2019
Location: United States


To facilitate the use of NEON data and infrastructure, we are opening a call for providing a two-day Explore NEON workshop at host institutions. This workshop would introduce researchers to NEON, teach them how to access and work with NEON data, and allow them to interact with NEON science staff. The workshop will include hands-on, interactive instruction on how to access and work with NEON data, both through the NEON data portal and programmatically via the API. 


We expect the workshops to include 25-50 participants. Audience size outside of this range is possible but justification should be given for the size. 

The intended audience is those who are interested in using NEON data for research or education.  As the workshop is an introduction to NEON data along with accessing and working with NEON data, the workshop is best suited to those who do not have extensive experience with NEON data. This can include undergraduates conducting research, graduate students, post-docs, research staff, and faculty.  Hosts can choose to limit the audience as works best for their institution.  We encourage collaborative applications from multiple, geographically clustered institutions that can host a single workshop together. 

Prerequisite Skills 

We recommend that all participants have some coding experience. The complexity of NEON data formats makes it difficult to work with exclusively in a spreadsheet format. All coding instruction will be conducted in R. Advanced R skills are not necessary, however, introduction to coding in R will not be provided by the NEON instructors. Participants using other programming languages are welcome to attend, however, instruction and assistance in the language may not be available. 


All travel and personnel costs for the NEON staff (2) leading the workshop will be covered by the NEON project. The hosts are responsible for any other costs associated with the workshop, including but not limited to costs associated with the location, participant transportation or meals, recruitment/advertising or other costs associated with organizing the workshop. 


This is a basic schedule for the workshop.  The exact schedule can be modified according to the needs of the hosts and participants. 

Day 1

Time Topic
8:30 Start
8:45 Welcome & Introductions
9:30 Accessing NEON Data from the Data Portal & NEON Biorepository
10:15 BREAK
10:30 Use the neonUtilities Package to Access NEON Data
11:15 Understanding NEON Data
12:00 LUNCH
13:00 Working with NEON Data of Interest - initial time to work with data of individual interest
15:00 BREAK
15:15 Working with NEON Data of Interest (cont.) 
15:45 NEON API tutorial 
17:00 End of Day 

Day 2

Time  Topic
8:30 Reproducible Workflows & Open Science
10:45 BREAK
11:00 NEON Data Processing & Data QA/QC
12:00 LUNCH
13:00 NEON Data Activities (variety to choose from)
14:00 BREAK
14:15 NEON Data Activities cont. 
16:30 Workshop Wrap up & Evaluation

Day 3

NEON Field Site tour – If there is a nearby NEON field site, a tour of the site can be combined with the Explore NEON workshop. 

How to Apply  

To apply to host an Explore NEON workshop, please complete the linked form. You will need to provide the following information: 

  • Names and contact information for the workshop host(s)
  • Description of who would attend and the expected size of the audience. 
  • Brief description of why you want to host this workshop.  
  • Possible dates when the workshop could occur, from May to December 2019 (e.g., early Fall semester 2019; wide date ranges are preferred with exact dates being worked out between the hosts and NEON instructors upon selection). 
  • Brief description of existing work with NEON (e.g., are any faculty or researchers currently conducting research using NEON data; are NEON data used in any classrooms). 


Initial review of applications will occur on 10 March 2019. Notification will occur by 21 March 2019.  Applications received after that date will be reviewed on a rolling basis with the possibility of a workshop as funding becomes available. 


NEON anticipates supporting two Explore NEON workshops in 2019.  Selection will occur based on the following criteria: 

  • Critical mass of interested participants
  • Diversity of subdisciplines represented among interested participants
  • Plan to include participants traditionally under represented in the ecological and data sciences. 

Questions can be sent to

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