Access NEON: Data Portal and Tools for Accessing and Understanding NEON Data – an ESA Webinar

When: March 27, 2019 - 12:00 to 1:00

This webinar will take place on March 27, noon (MT). Advance registration is required.

In this 1-hour live interactive webinar, NEON scientists Megan Jones and Claire Lunch will lead all participants through the NEON website and NEON data portal to learn about the online resources and how to download NEON data.  Then, all participants will learn how to use the neonUtilities R package to format NEON data into a format that is easier to work with and to download data directly into R. Please note the required set up instructions below to be prepared to attend. The webinar will also allow opportunities for chat-supported questions. 

We recommend you register early. ESA Webinars regularly fill up. 


  • Megan Jones,  NEON program scientist and science educator, Twitter: @meganahjones 
  • Claire Lunch, NEON program data scientist, Twitter: @dr_lunch

Topics Covered

  • Welcome
  • What does NEON provide? Resources for learning more about NEON.
  • Code Resources for working with NEON data.
  • Accessing data via the data portal
  • Accessing data programmatically (API)
  • Additional metadata and documentation – other resources provided to help users understand and use NEON data.
  • Format of NEON data
  • “Stack” NEON data using NEON utilities – need to do this BEFORE being able to work with NEON data.
  • Access data programmatically directly in R
  • Additional resources: Data tutorials for learning how to use NEON data
  • Q&A

Required Setup

  • Before this online workshop webinar begins, all participants should have R (version 3.4 or higher), and preferably RStudio, installed on their computer. Participants should pre-install the neonUtilties package on their computer. For more directions see, Installing & Updating Packages in R.  However, substitute “install.packages(“neonUtilities”)” for the ggplot2 example. If you have any problems with the installation, please email Megan Jones (email before 1:00 PM EDT on 27 March 2019).   
  • Participants should have access to two monitors; one to watch the presenter in the online workshop and one to follow along on. 

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