2016 AGU Fall Meeting

When: December 12, 2016 - December 16, 2016
Location: United States

Exhibit booth Information

Battelle will have information on the National Ecological Observatory Network at booth #1507 this year. A staff scientist will also being conducting NEON data portal feedback sessions during the following times so please stop by and tell us what you think!

  • Mon 12/12, 6-8 pm
  • Tues 12/13, 3-5pm
  • Wed 12/14, 3-5 pm
  • Thurs 12/15, 3-5 pm

Posters & Presentations by NEON project staff

Monday, 12 December 2016

1:40 - 6:00; Moscone South - Poster Hall
B13E-0669: Uncertainty in a certain world: standardized approach to evaluating uncertainty in measurement results
Authors: Janae Csavina, Joshua Roberti, Hank Loescher

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

8:00 - 12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
B21F-0477: The National Ecological Observatory Network Aquatic Sampling: Dissolved Gas Concentrations, Stratification Conditions in Lakes, and Reaeration Rates in Streams
Authors: Kaelin Cawley, Keli Goodman

1:55 - 6:10, Moscone West - 2006
B23I-02: Topography and vegetation alter soil nitrogen availability and loss in tropical and temperate ecosystems
Author: Samantha Weintraub

5:45-6:00, Moscone West - 2003
EP24C-08: The First Four Year's of Orthoimages from NEON's Airborne Observation Platform
Authors: John Adler, William Gallery

Thursday, 15 December 2016

8:00 - 12:20, Moscone South - Poster Hall
B41B-0402: From field notes to data portal – An operational QA/QC framework for tower networks
Authors: Cove Sturtevant, Skyler Hackley, Timothy Meehan, Joshua Roberti, Greg Holling, and Santiago Bonarrigo

B41B-0403: An Extensible Processing Framework for Eddy-covariance Data
Authors: David Durden, Cove Sturtevant, Natchaya Pingintha-Durden, Hongyan Luo, Andy Fox, Greg Holling and Stefan Metzger

IN41B-1664: Making our data impactful: Working with researchers to meet diverse data needs in a rapidly shifting technological world.
Author: Christine Laney

10:20 - 12:20, Moscone West - 2008
B42C-08: Determination of vegetation phenology across the National Ecological Observatory Network
Authors: John Musinsky, Tristan Goulden

6:15 -7 :15, Moscone West - 2004
TH45B: Connecting HDF Communities - NEON’s HDF5 file format
Presenter: David Durden

Friday, December 16th

9:00 - 9:15, Moscone West - 2006
B51I-06: Measuring foliar chemistry alongside airborne observations in the National Ecological Observatory Network
Authors: Samantha Weintraub, Courtney Meier, Shelley Petroy, Tristan Goulden, and Nathan Leisso

1:40 - 6:00, Moscone South - Poster Hall
GC53C-1312: Sensitivity of the NEON Imaging Spectrometer Data Products to Cloud Conditions and Solar Illumination Geometry
Authors: Nathan Leisso, Joe Boardman, Tristan Goulden

GC53C-1311: Current Status and Future Plans of the NEON Airborne Observation Platform (AOP): Data Products, Observatory Requirements and Opportunities for the Community
Authors: S. Petroy, N. Leisso, T. Goulden and T. Gulbransen

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