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NEON to Begin Construction on First Three Sites

February 13 2012
NEON will break ground on three sites starting early Summer 2012: Ordway-Swisher Biological Station in Florida, Harvard Forest in Massachussetts, and Central Plains Experimental Range in Colorado...
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NEON in Prototype

June 22 2010
We've completed the reviews, written the documents, and the last item on our planning agenda is to await FY2011 Congressional budget approval for NSF funding to begin construction. So what’s next for...
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NEON Data to be Used by New National Climate Service

March 10 2010
On February 8, the US Commerce Department announced its proposal for a new national climate service to be managed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). NOAA’s historical climate...
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Best laid plans: Prototyping NEON's airborne remote sensing technologies

August 27 2010
It’s late in the evening and I find myself staring at a weather map of Gainesville, Florida watching green and red blobs move across the computer screen. This is an exciting and busy time for the...
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Bridging the Data Divide Down Under

December 11 2012
Scientists of the future may be able to compare the spread of invasive species in the northeastern U.S. with invasive species proliferation throughout Australia and link it to a common cause. NEON is...
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NEON Scientist Honored by German Meteorological Society

October 08 2013
NEON scientist Dr. Stefan Metzger received the 2013 Young Scientist Award from the German Meteorological Society at the DACH conference of German, Austrian and Swiss meteorologists in Innsbruck,...
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A NEON postcard from the Arctic to the New York Times

November 26 2012
The New York Times Dot Earth blog featured a "Postcard" from our very own scientists and blog contributors Jeff Taylor and Mike SanClements. As you can tell from the photos in their contributor...
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How many scientists does it take to make a pizza the size of a continent?

September 15 2011
Jeff Taylor wrote in his last post: When I originally heard that NEON was going to be the world’s first continental-scale observatory, I was a bit confused. I had spent years working at observatories...
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Health diagnostics for the planet

April 02 2013
A couple of weeks ago, my wife took our daughter to the doctor. After he had heard the symptoms my daughter had been experiencing, the doctor performed a rapid strep test. Within a few minutes he had...
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