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NEON shifting HQ to south Boulder, expects to be settled early Spring 2011

October 18 2010
In order to accommodate the amazingly rapid rate of growth the observatory is experiencing, NEON will be moving its headquarters and entire employee population to a new, larger facility off Arapahoe...
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Prototyping Continued: Bridging the Gap From Land to Sky

September 16 2010
Prototyping events during the last three weeks have been integral to establishing a clear and consistent link between NEON organismal and airborne measurements, and are a critical step toward...
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Grapes, Vines and Towers: A Look at the Engineering Behind a NEON Site

September 09 2010
If you view the elements of a NEON site in isolation, they’re pretty simple. NEON’s plans to build its 62 sites don’t call for brand new inventions or earth shattering designs; they’ll utilize...
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Best laid plans: Prototyping NEON's airborne remote sensing technologies

August 27 2010
It’s late in the evening and I find myself staring at a weather map of Gainesville, Florida watching green and red blobs move across the computer screen. This is an exciting and busy time for the...
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NEON in Prototype

June 22 2010
We've completed the reviews, written the documents, and the last item on our planning agenda is to await FY2011 Congressional budget approval for NSF funding to begin construction. So what’s next for...
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In choosing taxa for the continental scale

June 16 2010
Over my past two and a half years at NEON, there is one question that I have been asked more than any other: Why is NEON not studying *--insert taxon of interest--*? I think an easier way to address...
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NEON Clears Important Hurdle, Awaits Construction Money

May 07 2010
The National Science Board (NSB), governing body of the National Science Foundation (NSF), has authorized the NSF Director, at his discretion, to make an award for construction of the National...
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USGS Colloquium: Dave Schimel on "The Design of NEON and the Future of Ecological Forecasting"

March 11 2010
Dave Schimel presented a webcasted talk at the USGS campus in Menlo Park, CA on Feb 8, 2010, called "The Design of NEON and the Future of Ecological Forecasting." The USGS Western Region Colloquium (...
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NEON Data to be Used by New National Climate Service

March 10 2010
On February 8, the US Commerce Department announced its proposal for a new national climate service to be managed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). NOAA’s historical climate...
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