The NEON tower network: from scientific strategy to long-term operation

When: November 13, 2017 - 3:30
Location: Boulder, CO

Join Batelle scientists for the NEON project, Stefan Metzger and Cove Sturtevant as they talk about NEON's flux tower network, atmospheric data collection and the continued development of supporting software for reproducible, extensible and portable data analysis.

The ACOM Seminar series is an opportunity for NCAR staff and visitors to share scientific information that is of general interest to the Atmospheric Chemistry Observations & Modeling Laboratory. Seminars are typically held on Monday afternoons with a reception at 3:15 pm and the seminar starting at 3:30 pm in the main seminar room at the Foothills Laboratory (FL2-1022). Seminars may be held at other times and locations to accommodate interesting speakers whose schedules don't fit the normal schedule.

The seminars are organized by the ACOM seminar committee, which includes: John Ortega and Mike Mills.

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