Explore the new NEON Data Portal

May 20, 2015

Searching for NEON data? Explore the new NEON Data Portal ! Based on user testing and discussions with the scientific community, NEON redesigned the data portal to improve overall usability and accessibility.

New data portal features

  • A more visually appealing and intuitive way to discover data products by data theme, location and date range
  • Live status bars that display product search and retrieval progress
  • Data retrieval customization options, including relevant documentation
  • Logged-in users can save queries and retrieve them later using citation codes

Redesigned NEON Data Portal 2015 (left) compared to the previous Data Portal (right).

Data availability

All organismal data available via the previous data portal are now available on the new data portal, including:

  • Ground beetles sampled from pitfall traps
  • Plant phenology observations
  • Plant presence and percent cover
  • Small mammal box trapping
  • Herbaceous clip harvest

Terrestrial instrumented data collected beginning April 1, 2015 are also available on the new portal. NEON is currently reprocessing provisional data collected from terrestrial instrumented systems between 2012 and March 31, 2015 to improve data access and delivery; they will be added to the new data portal incrementally. Learn more about reprocessing efforts here.

Products undergoing reprocessing

  • 2D Wind Speed and Direction
  • Single Aspirated Air Temperature
  • Triple Aspirated Air Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • IR Biological Temperature
  • Precipitation (Secondary Precipitation subproduct)
  • Shortwave Radiation (Direct and Diffuse Pyranometer)
  • Shortwave Radiation (Primary Pyranometer)
  • Shortwave and Longwave Radiation (Net Radiometer)
  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)
  • Spectral Sun Photometer - Calibrated Sky Radiances
  • Photosynthetically Active Radiation (Quantum Line)

Protocol availability

NEON also recently added more than 20 protocols and 9 science designs to the Document Library on the data portal, for both terrestrial and aquatic observations.

Share your experience

NEON data users, please explore the new Data Portal and share your feedback! Submit comments, issues and suggestions for improvement here. As NEON continues to fine-tune design and functionality, check back for updates and new content. For general NEON news and additional Data Portal updates, subscribe to the NEON newsletter.

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