Assignment: Version Control with GitHub

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DUE: 21 June 2018

During the NEON Data Institute, you will share the code that you create daily with everyone on the NEONScience/DI-NEON-participants repo.

Through this week’s tutorials, you have learned the basic skills needed to successfully share your work at the Institute including how to:

  • Create your own GitHub user account,
  • Set up Git on your computer (please do this on the computer you will be bringing to the Institute), and
  • Create a Markdown file with a biography of yourself and the project you are interested in working on at the Institute. This biography was shared with the group via the Data Institute’s GitHub repo.

Checklist for this week’s Assignment:

You should have completed the following after Pre-institute week 2:

  • Fork & clone the NEON-DataSkills/DI-NEON-participants repo.
  • Create a .md file in the participants/2018-RemoteSensing/pre-institute2-git directory of the repo. Name the document
  • Write a biography that introduces yourself to the other participants. Please provide basic information including:
    • name,
    • domain of interest,
    • one goal for the course,
    • an updated version of your Capstone Project idea,
    • and the list of data (NEON or other) to support the project that you created during last week’s materials.
  • Push the document from your local computer to your GithHub repo.
  • Created a Pull Request to merge this document back into the NEON-DataSkills/DI-NEON-participants repo.

NOTE: The Data Institute repository is a public repository, so all members of the Institute, as well as anyone in the general public who stumbles on the repo, can see the information. If you prefer not to share this information publicly, please submit the same document but use a pseudonym (cartoon character names would work well) and email us with the pseudonym so that we can connect the submitted document to you.

Have questions? No problem. Leave your question in the comment box below. It's likely some of your colleagues have the same question, too! And also likely someone else knows the answer.

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