Data Institute Activity: Calculate Index of Interest

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Remote Sensing Indices

There are many different indices you might want in your research. NEON provides several indices as data products that have already been calculated and can will be available for download from the NEON data portal.

NEON Remote Sensing Vegetation Indices, Data Products, and Uncertainty

In this 20 minute video David Hulslander describes NEON Data Products including several remote sensing vegetation indices.

Activity Steps

  1. Choose an index of interest. You may want to check out Verena Henrich & Katharina Brüser's Index Database for ideas: .

  2. Work with your small group to create a script to calculate this index from the NEON data. Be sure to add comments so that the script is useful to others.

  3. Add your script to the GitHub Repo: DI-NEON-participants to share with your colleagues. Save scripts to the DI-NEON-participants/2017-RemoteSensing/rs-indices.
    Be sure to provide a clear file name reflecting the contents. If you are comfortable, we recommend you put you names in the script as others may want to contact you about it.

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