Data Institute: Install Required R Packages

Table of Contents

R and RStudio

Once R and RStudio are installed (in Install Git, Bash Shell, R & RStudio ), open RStudio to make sure it works and you don’t get any error messages. Then, install the needed R packages.

Install/Update R Packages

Please make sure all of these packages are installed and up to date on your computer prior to the Institute.

  • install.packages(c("raster", "rasterVis", "rgdal", "rgeos", "rmarkdown", "knitr", "plyr", "dplyr", "ggplot2", "plotly"))
  • The rhdf5 package is not on CRAN and must be downloaded directly from Bioconductor. The can be done using these two commands directly in your R console.
    • source("")
    • biocLite("rhdf5")

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