Working Group

Terrestrial Plant Productivity and Biomass TWG

The Terrestrial Plant Productivity Technical Working Group advises which methods, protocols, and equipment are employed to create robust ground-based estimates of live and dead woody biomass, woody and herbaceous productivity, coarse downed wood volume and density, fine and coarse litterfall, belowground plant biomass, and leaf area index across a suite of different vegetation types. The TWG also considers optimal spatial and temporal integration of ground-based measurements with remote-sensing hyperspectral and LiDAR datasets (i.e., the NEON AOP system), and with data streams generated by the NEON Terrestrial Instrument System. Finally, the TWG is also deeply invested in determining how NEON Plant Biomass and Productivity data products can be optimized to enhance usability and value for the NEON end-user community.

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Current Membership

Name Affiliation Role
Adam Mahood University of Colorado Boulder Member
Adrian Rocha University of Tuscia Member
Alan Knapp Colorado State University Member
Asko Noorments Texas A&M University Member
Christopher Gough Virginia Commonwealth University Chair
Courtney Meier NEON Lead
Dafeng Hui Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Member
Jim Lutz Utah State University Member
Lu Zhai Oklahoma State University Member
Lucas Nave Michigan Technological University Member
Marian Lea NEON Member
Stephen Hart University of California Merced Member
Tim Fahey Cornell University Member