Working Group

Terrestrial Plant Diversity and Phenology TWG

Membership of the Terrestrial Plant Diversity and Phenology Technical Working Group includes researchers and practitioners from universities, federal and regional government agencies, and coordinated research networks. This group represents the community of plant diversity and phenology data users that NEON aims to serve; members provide expert input and advice regarding the science design, protocols, and data quality issues related to NEON plant diversity and phenology sampling.

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Current Membership

Name Affiliation Role
Adrienne Basey Metro Portland Member
Alison Donnelly University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Chair
Andrew Richardson Northern Arizona University Member
Jeff Diez University of Oregon Member
Jeff Morisette National Invasive Species Council Member
Jim Clark Duke University Member
Kunwar Singh College of William & Mary Member
Matthew Jones University of Montana Member
Peter Adler Utah State University Member
Robert Peet University of North Carolina Member
Sarah Elmendorf University of Colorado Boulder Member
Susan Mazer University of California Santa Barbara Member
Margaret Cumberland NEON Member
Katie Jones NEON Co-lead
Dave Barnett NEON Co-lead
Ellen Denny USA National Phenology Network Member
Adam Mahood University of Colorado Boulder Member