Working Group

Ground Beetle TWG

NEON collects ground beetle observations and archival samples at all terrestrial field sites to capture how ground beetles (Carabidae) communities change in different habitats and ecosystems over time. This TWG determines targets for sampling that generate data that can reveal significant changes in beetle abundance, diversity, and community composition.

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Current Membership

Name Affiliation Role
David Hoekman Southern Nazarene University Chair
J. Christina Mitchell Institute for Applied Ecology Member
Karl Roeder University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Member
Kipling Will University of California Berkeley Member
Michael Weiser University of Oklahoma Member
Rosy Stanbrook University of Central Florida Member
Laura Nagel NEON Member
Kate Thibault NEON Lead
Kari Norman University of Montreal Member
Kayla Perry Ohio State University Member
Andrew Johnston NEON Biorepository, Arizona State University Member