Working Group

Foliar Sampling TWG

The central goals of this group are as follows:

1.  Provide expert technical input regarding priorities for NEON’s Canopy Foliage Sampling protocol
2.  Evaluate accessibility, quality, and usability of NEON’s Plant Foliar Physical and Chemical Properties data product, and how it relates to other NEON plant and airborne data products. Provide advice on priority areas for improvement.

3.  Ensure plant physio-chemical data is collected in a way that meets community-accepted standards and can be used to extend and scale remote sensing data across NEON sites

If you have questions or comments for this working group, please contact Samantha Weintraub-Leff using the Contact Us form.

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Current Membership

Name Affiliation Role
Aditya Singh University of Florida Member
Alex Graeff NEON Member
Brenden McNeil West Virginia University Chair
K. Dana Chadwick NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Member
Stephanie Bohlman University of Florida Member
Tristan Goulden NEON Member
Samantha Weintraub-Leff NEON Lead
Petya Campbell University of Maryland Baltimore County; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Member
Elsa Ordway UCLA Member
Rui Cheng MIT Member
Sheng Wang University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Member
Shashi Konduri NEON Member