Working Group

Ecological Forecasting TWG

The Ecological Forecasting Technical Working Group provides recommendations to NEON on how to best support ecological forecasting. This may include facilitating community discussions around forecasting needs, providing guidance for data product development, and identifying opportunities for NEON to engage with the forecasting community though workshops, educational materials, and code/data product development.

If you have questions or comments for this working group, please contact Eric Sokol using the Contact Us form.

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Current Membership

Name Affiliation Role
Cayelan Carey Virginia Tech Member
Christie Bahlai Kent State University Member
Christine Laney NEON Co-lead
David Durden NEON Member
Eric Sokol NEON Lead
Gerbrand Koren Utrecht University Member
Hannah Shartel NEON Member
Jeff Morisette National Invasive Species Council Member
Jianwei Li Tennessee State University Member
Quinn Thomas Virginia Tech Member
Timothy Morin State University of New York Syracuse Chair
Wei Fang Pace University Member
William Hargrove USDA Forest Service Member
Kristel Guimara North Country Community College Member
Carl Boettiger UC Berkeley Member
Kari Norman University of Montreal Member