Working Group

Atmospheric Stable Isotope TWG

NEON has multiple sensor assemblies to measure atmospheric stable isotopes of 13C in CO2 and 18O and 2H in water vapor and precipitation water. The expertise within the Atmospheric Stable Isotope Technical Working Group provides advice, insight, and guidance regarding the current sensor design and assemblies, data products, and field and lab procedures and protocols.

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Current Membership

Name Affiliation Role
Rich Fiorella University of Utah Chair
Chris Florian Battelle Lead
Hongyan Luo Battelle Co-lead
Caleb Slemmons Battelle Member
Jeff Welker University of Alaska Anchorage Member
Miquel Gonzalez-Meler University of Illinois Chicago Member
Eduardo Santos Kansas State University Member
Gabriel Bowen University of Utah Member
Michael Hren University of Connecticut Member
Jennifer Johnson Carnegie Institution for Science Member
Lisa Welp Purdue University Member
Clay Lovelace Battelle Member
Jill Pyatt Battelle Member