Data Tutorials

Looking to improve your data skills using tools like R or Python? Want to learn more about working with a specific NEON data product? NEON develops online tutorials to help you improve your research. These self-paced tutorials are designed for you to used as standalone help on a single topic or as a series to learn new techniques.


Calculate NDVI & Extract Spectra Using Masks in Python

Learn to calculate Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and extract spectral using masks with Python.

Assignment: Reproducible Workflows with Jupyter Notebooks

This page details how to complete the assignment for pre-Institute week 3 on documenting your code with Jupyter Notebooks.

Document & Publish Your Workflow: Jupyter Notebooks

This tutorial introduces the importance of tools supporting documenting & publishing a workflow using the Python kernel of Jupyter Notebooks.

Introduction to using Jupyter Notebooks

This tutorial cover how to use Jupyter Notebooks to document code.

Data Institute 2017: Download the Data

This tutorial covers the data and set up the data directory you will need for the 2017 Institute on Remote Sensing.


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