Data Tutorials

Looking to improve your data skills using tools like R or Python? Want to learn more about working with a specific NEON data product? NEON develops online tutorials to help you improve your research. These self-paced tutorials are designed for you to used as standalone help on a single topic or as a series to learn new techniques.


Work with NEON's Single-Aspirated Air Temperature Data

This tutorial demonstrates how to work with NEON single-asperated air temperature data. Specific tasks include conversion to POSIX date/time class, subsetting by date, and plotting the data.

Work With NEON's Plant Phenology Data

Learn to work with NEON plant phenology observation data (NEON.DP1.10055).

Using the NEON API in R

1 - 1.5 hours
Tutorial for getting data from the NEON API, using R and the R package httr

Mask a Raster Using Threshold Values in Python

In this tutorial, we will learn how to remove parts of a raster based on pixel values using a mask we create.

Classification of Hyperspectral Data with Principal Components Analysis (PCA) in Python

Learn to classify spectral data using the Principal Components Analysis (PCA) method.


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