Data Tutorials

Looking to improve your data skills using tools like R or Python? Want to learn more about working with a specific NEON data product? NEON develops online tutorials to help you improve your research. These self-paced tutorials are designed for you to used as standalone help on a single topic or as a series to learn new techniques.

Code for all script based tutorials can be downloaded at the end of the tutorial. Original files can also be found on GitHub.


Working With Time Series Data Within a Nested HDF5 File in R

1.0 - 1.5 Hours
Explore, extract and visualize temporal temperature data collected from a NEON flux tower from multiple sites and sensors in R. Learn how to extract metadata and how to use nested loops and dplyr to perform more advanced queries and data manipulation.

Getting Started with the R Programming Language

This tutorial presents the basics of using R.

The Relationship Between Raster Resolution, Spatial Extent & Number of Pixels

Learn about the key attributes needed to work with raster data in non-GUI programs. Examples in R.

Create A Square Buffer Around a Plot Centroid in R

1.0 - 1.5 Hours
This tutorial walks you through creating square polygons from a plot centroid (x,y format) in R.

Installing & Updating Packages in R

This tutorial provides the basics of installing and working with packages in R.


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