Data Tutorials

Looking to improve your data skills using tools like R or Python? Want to learn more about working with a specific NEON data product? NEON develops online tutorials to help you improve your research. These self-paced tutorials are designed for you to used as standalone help on a single topic or as a series to learn new techniques.


The Relationship Between Raster Resolution, Spatial Extent & Number of Pixels

Learn about the key attributes needed to work with raster data in non-GUI programs. Examples in R.

Create A Square Buffer Around a Plot Centroid in R

1.0 - 1.5 Hours
This tutorial walks you through creating square polygons from a plot centroid (x,y format) in R.

Installing & Updating Packages in R

This tutorial provides the basics of installing and working with packages in R.

Extract Values from a Raster in R

0.5 Hours
Learn to extract data from a raster using circular or square buffers created around a x,y location or from a shapefile. With this will will learn to convert x,y locations in a .csv file into a SpatialPointsDataFrame so that they can be Free Online Data Viz to Explore LiDAR Data

0.25 - 0.5 Hours
Learn about LiDAR point cloud file formats .las and .laz. Explore LiDAR point cloud data using the free, online viewer .


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