Primer on Raster Data in R

Table of Contents

The tutorials in this series introduces working with raster data in R. The series introduces the concepts through videos, graphical examples, and text.

Data used in this series are from the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) and are in GeoTIFF and .csv formats.

If you enjoy this series, we also recommend the more in depth Introduction to Working With Raster Data in R series. The Introduction to Working With Spatio-Temporal Data and Data Management series provides more background and foundational information on understanding and working with spatial data.

Things You’ll Need To Complete This Series

Setup RStudio

To complete some of the tutorials in this series, you will need an updated version of R and, preferably, RStudio installed on your computer.

R is a programming language that specializes in statistical computing. It is a powerful tool for exploratory data analysis. To interact with R, we strongly recommend RStudio, an interactive development environment (IDE).

Download Data

All tutorials in this series use data from the San Joaquin Experimental Range, a NEON field site.

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